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Chemistry is the science and study of matter, Introduction to Basic Chemistry

Draw a detailed but a brief and interesting sketch about some basics on the floor of chemistry?

Before reading the concepts following things should be kept in mind that every person is not a student of chemistry but each is using chemistry at a great level in daily routine. So, it is necessary to understand some common and general  concepts of chemistry.


What thing comes in your mind when you hear the word “Chemistry”. First thing which comes in our mind is the word “Chemical”. Every-thing in our use is made up of chemical and it is the fruit of chemistry. Clothes we wear ,medicines we use ,stationary we use almost at every place all are the yield of chemistry.

Chemistry makes our lives as enlighten homes.

Use of Water:

The water we use in our home in chlorinated form is the product of chemistry.

Applimentation in transportation:

Transport In our daily life we use consume fuel by catalytic action in the burning of fuel is benefit of chemistry.

Cosmetics, Shampoo, Soaps and cleansers are also the result of modern chemical industry.

Although chemistry have give uncountable and fruit full result in our daily life but on the other hand with the passage of time we see  advancement in the twentieth century in the field of chemistry. As a result of this advancement we have to pay for living in this modern world of chemistry.

Now, question how we have to pay for living in the modern world of chemistry?

When we apply or use chemistry in our daily by any way we have to pay in the form of environmental cost such as environmental pollution, Green house effect, ozone depletion, Acid rain and use of hazardous waste. But on the other hand of are paying for living in this world of modern chemical world we also get some benefits as a result of this payment. These are the advancement in the field of drug and medicine has eradicated many diseases, progress in the field of agriculture with the production of fertilizers has provided us many benefits from every point of view. As we  know that  we are loving in the booming  world so for our survival in this  progress leading world we have need to recognize the following use full words of science “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” . Anything which is used one time can be recycled by the process of recycling with the utilization of raw materials. By following this principle we can easily sustain this booming world. Many developed countries have followed this rule and they are leading on the way of progress.

Fundamental principle of chemistry

The basic principle of chemistry is that “Matter can neither be create nor destroyed but it can be change from one form to another from”.

On the base of above principle we can say that one thing in our use in one time can give us use full products by the utilization of raw materials.

What is chemistry?

Chemistry can be defined as follows:

“The branch of science which deals with the study of chemical composition of matter, Structure of matter and changes of the matter that matter under goes”

Matter can be defined as follows:

“Anything which occupies some space and also has some mass is known as matter”.

Like other branches of science chemistry is also a method to simplify and arrangement. So there is also a classification of matter which is simple and easy classification of matter which is given as follows:

Liquid, solid and gas and fourth one is the state of “plasma”  if we include this.

Chemical classification of matter

Another chemical classification of matter or fundamental of chemistry is given as follows:

We take a start from water whose classification is given as follows:

11% Hydrogen and 89% oxygen by mass.

Air is also a mixture of many gases whose chemical composition is given as follows:

78% Nitrogen , 21% Oxygen,1%argon and other gases are also present in trace amount.

Branches of chemistry

The definition of chemistry discussed above is so common that every scientist is engaged with the study of matter so in this broad field it is necessary to classify the chemistry by the applimentation of some common features.

Firstly there are two main branches of chemistry which can be describe as follows

Organic chemistry

“Organic chemistry is the branch of science which deals with the study of reactions of those compound which are made up of carbon and hydrogen”

Inorganic chemistry:

“Inorganic chemistry is that branch of chemistry which deals with the study of reactions of those compounds which are made up of all type of elements not necessary for carbon as a chief compound”.

In addition to these large division other branches of chemistry are given as follows

Bio chemistry:

Bio chemistry can be defined as follows:

“The branch of chemistry in which we deals in which we deals with the study of chemicals and their reaction taking place in all type of living organisms. It is also related to the physio-chemical process taking place in the living organisms”

Physical chemistry:

“The branch of chemistry which ids related to the study of application of some use full techniques and theories of the physics related to the study of chemical system”.

Analytical chemistry:

“Subdivision of chemistry which deals the study of analysis of chemicals and their characterization including both qualitative and quantitative”.

Nuclear chemistry:

“The branch of science which deals with the study of changes in the nuclei of atoms”.

Environmental chemistry:

“The branch of chemistry which include the scientific study of both chemical and biochemical phenomena which occur at natural places”.

All of these are main and largely applied branches of chemistry but there are also other branches of chemistry which are greatly involved in our daily life.

Geological chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Food chemistry, Petroleum chemistry, Soil chemistry, Green chemistry

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