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Why Is Everyone Talking About How To Prepare A Good Herbarium.

Why Is Everyone Talking About How To Prepare A Good Herbarium?
What is herbarium?

Herbarium is the album of preserved plants which are arranged in order of a certified classification.  Preserved Plant varieties  are dry shaded, pressed and seated on sheets. Thickset part of plants are unruffled in 4% solution of  formalin solution. Herbaria helps us to provide  easy informative and correct knowledge of plants through diplomat varities.  Generally Classification of Bentham and Hooker is followed in Wealth Countries.


The main  purpose of making herbarium are given as follows:

§       To save plant specimens as reference plants.
§       For the  identification of  plants based on the specimen of herbarium
§       To study the  rate ,Quality and way of vegetation in  different local areas of in different times.
The following apparatus are needed for the  preparation of herbariam:

{  Vasculum
{  Scissors
{  One sharp knife
{   Forceps pair
{  Hand lens and pocket lens
{  pocket diary

Method for the preparation of herbarium
Plant materials should be collected  from Pteriodphyta, Gymnosperm and Angiosperms are usually sealed as dried and pressed specimens on sheets of herbarium. For our own facility  flowers and fruits should be collected while collection of Angiosperms because without flowers and fruitsplants cannot be easily identified.So, 3 to 4 specimens of the same plants from different areas and  in different seasons should be  collected. Students should have to  visit same habitat in different seasons for the  collection of  plant specimens.

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