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Present a dramatic and an interesting introduction on the term of Electrochemistry?

Present a dramatic and an interesting introduction on the term of
Electro analytical techniques can be classified in to two main classes which are given as follows:
*       Volta metric   methods at point of zero current  which is also called as potentiometry
*       Volta metric methods at  finite current (generally counted in the term of volta -metry)
In the discussion  of the term of potentiometery we only talk about the value of that potential which can be measured but in the other hand no current is allowed to flow at this stage .In the term of voltametry a required amount of current is allowed to pass and as a result of this process phenomena of electrolysis takes place in an electrochemical cell .
What is electrolysis?
Electrolysis can be defined as follows:
The process in which the component of a solution are converted having one oxidation state to second oxidation state at the surface of the electrode solution through the flow of electric current.
How process of electrolysis takes place?

In the system of electrolysis the electrode which gains electrons from the  external provided driving force and transfer these electrons to the cathode reactant in the solution. At this electrode or cathode phenomena of reduction takes place .Second electrode is that which gains electrons only from the solution and phenomena of oxidation takes place .Oxidation takes place at anode.
What do you know about an electrolytic cell?

Definition of an electrolytic cell:
An electrolytic cell can be defined as follows:
“The type of cell which consumes electricity to drive a  such reaction which is non-spontaneous and redox in nature”.
It is also a second form of an electrochemical cell.
Mostly an electrolytic ell is used to decompose the compound in a chemical reaction associated to the phenomena of electrolysis .
An electrolytic ell is also able to liberate   energy in the form of some kind of potential.
As compared to the phenomena of electrolysis cell which can be discussed as below:

  An electrolysis cell is that which must needs an external potential for
Force of energy providing which gives rise to the occurring of an electrochemical reaction.

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