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Discuss the chemical profile of buffalo milk?

Why buffalo milk is considered as healthier food ?

Buffalo milk is so help full from following point of view:
˜ Buffalo milk provide a greater part of the dietary food chain in nutritional value of the milk.
˜ Buffalo milk is helpful for following persons:
New born babies, busy house wife, persons which have very busy routine or job, old persons.
˜ A greater part of our nutritional fulfillment is completed by buffalo milk due to the presence of main nutritive agents in it.
˜ Better quality of some dairy food products like desi ghee, butter, cheese and yogurt  can also be obtained by buffalo milk.
˜ Buffalo milk has a great contribution in the national milk production.
Chemical composition of Buffalo milk:

Buffalo milk contains a  large number of nutritional components such as
Æ      Fatty acids
Æ      Protiens
Æ      Lipids
Æ      Vitamins
Æ      Peptides

Above are the main chemical nutritive agents present in Buffalo’s milk.
Some other nutritional chemicals such as retinol , tocopherols ,lactose,ash contents and caseins are also found in Buffalo milk.

Proteins content in Buffalo milk:
Buffalo milk contains proteins in large amount as compared to the other milk.
Portion of fatty acid in Buffalo milk:
Buffalo milk contains double amount of fatty acid in it as compared to other milk. Buffalo milk contains about 65.5% of saturated fatty acids and 27.0% and 4.5% other fatty acid in it.
Vitamins constituent of buffalo milk:
Buffalo milk contains double amount of proteins also as compared to the other milk.
Amino acid or peptide in buffalo milk:
A limited amount of amino acid called as methionine is found in buffalo milk.

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