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Discuss about juices and fruit juices?

What do you know about fruit juices?

Use of juices :

Juice can be commonly known as flavored drink or liquid.
Juice is generally made in concentrated or dilute by the addition of different food products
Juices are generally rich in minerals ,amino acids , vitamins and other healthy components  which makes our body and immune system strong.
Juices are mostly used for nutritive requirements or for thirst quenching.
Among juices fruit juices are most used and they  have following benefits:
Fruit juices contains a lot of vitamins:

A large number of vitamins are also provided in our diet plans by consumption of fruit juices. Many of the fruit juice contains a lot of vitamin C ,A,E,D and vitamin B also which are regarded as a great helper in
Heart diseases
Lessen in cholesterol level
Make immune system stronger
Makes bone ,cartilage and many other body organs stronger.
Fruit juices provide large amount of minerals:
Fruit juices have a large number of essential minerals for us.They have a large amount of calcium and potassium .This amount may vary in different fruit juices as follows:

Orange juice:
Orange juice contains a large amount of potassium near about 143.28 mg and calcium in 14 .12mg and other in trace amount.
Mango juice:
Mango juice contains a lot of essential minerals like as Selenium Calcium,Potassium, phosphorus and iron.
Apple juice:
Apple juice contains a large amount of potassium ,calcium and iron.
Benefits of fruit juices in morning:
Fruit juice usage in the morning have following benefits:
Fruit juices help in weight loss by providing extra energy to our body.
Fruit juices in morning time  keeps our body hydrated whole day and make us fresh in a busy routine.
Fruit juices in the morning  makes our brain sharp and increase our cognition.
Fruit  juice in the morning makes our brain sharp
Fruit juices in the morning helps us easy intake of minerals and vitamins.
Best fruit juices in the morning:
Fresh lemon juice, Orange juice, Apple juice are recommended as healthier food in the morning.

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