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Describe the healthy implicit of soft drinks on health?
What are soft drinks?

Soft drinks are such type of  drink which generally contains carbonated water; some products may have vitamins and other lemonade water which is not regarded as carbonated water. Some soft drinks may have artificial flavor or artificial sweetener. Caffeine artificial coloring and some preservative agents are also added.
Consumption of soft drinks:
Utilization of soft drinks is such a problem which cannot be easily solved. A person drinking or using a soft drink ensures its healthy ingredients and its safety having 100% guaranty. This guaranty and safety is provided by the label on the container of the soft drink from which a person become fully satisfied that this total safe and sound product.
Categories of soft drinks:
In recent days commonly used cold drinks may have a broad classification on different properties. “For example”
Ø Classification on the top of amount of sugar and percentage of fruit juices.
Ø Classification on the basis of artificial flavor addition.
Ø Classification based on content of carbonated water or non carbonated water.
Purpose of usage of soft drinks:
Soft drinks are commonly utilized by all ages people for following purposes:
µ For energy boosting
µ For healthy life style
µ For immune system boosting
µ For medicinal purpose
Health effects by soft drinks:
Soft drinks can cause numerous problems in the form of following diseases:
˜ Overweight
˜ Obesity
˜ Cardiovascular diseases
˜ Lack of physical activities

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