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Describe the different concepts of stoichometery?

What do you know about stoichometery?

Definition of stoichometery:
Stoichometery is that branch of chemistry which explains the relationship between reactants and products in a chemical reaction.
Another definition says :
stoichometery is the branch of chemistry which deals with the amount of reactant present at the start of the chemical reaction by telling that how many products will be formed at the end of the reaction.
How we can make easy stoichometric calcualations:

Stoichometric calculations can be made easy by the use of  balance chemical equation.
Describe the basic of stoichiometric calculations?
Stoichiometric calculations are based on the law of conservation of mass which states that “matter can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be seen from one form to another form”.

From this law we can say that chemical reactions occur according to the law of conservation of mass
If we react iron and oxygen in powdered form then a new compound iron oxide is formed but the amount of both reactants remains same it does not alter.
Equation directly does not tell us the exact amount of reactants and products present in the form of mole   in a chemical reaction .this can be easily solved by using the mass mole relationship.
Mass-mole relationship:
Moles can be easily converted into mass by multiplying the number of moles with the molar mass of a compound or a substance.
What do You know about the term mole and molar mass?
Defination of mole:
A mole is the number of  particles present in a substance to react .
Molar mass:
Molar mass can be defined as follows:
Mass of the substance present in compound form divided by the total number of moles present in it.

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