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Describe about toxicology?

What do you know about toxicology?
Describe toxicants & toxicology in your own words?
Toxicants are the main part of the term toxicology which are also named as poisons as well.
Toxicology is the study of poisons or toxicants.
Toxicology is the branch of science which deals with the study of toxicants.
Scientist which study about toxicology are called  the toxicologist.

Toxicologists deals with the study of toxic substances, their effects on living things as well.
Who is known as father of toxicologist?
Math Orfila:
Math Orfila is known as first toxicologist which was  a Spanish chemist and physicst.

Toxicology of a substance depends upon the followings:
*   Level of poisonous substances
*   Category of the exposed organism
*   Way of poisoning
*   Extent of poisoning the organism or living things.
Toxicants can affect human organism in following ways:

F    By inhalation
F    Through indigestion
F    By means of skin
Example of toxicology on human exposure:
A minimum amount of copper in parts per millions can be easily tolerated by human body. On the other hand. this amount is also required to dead algae in aquatic level. But in few parts per billion of this concentration this amount is also needed for the nutrition of algae.
Historical back ground of toxicology:
The word toxicology mainly originated from a Greek word poison or toxicon and was introduced in the  17th century.
Work of toxicologists was first time introduced in  the late 19th century.
In the era of 1813 toxicology was introduced and first time practically introduced by another toxicologist named as Jean stas
Beyond all of these it is important to differentiate between Acute toxicity and chronic toxicity.
Categories of toxicology:
Toxicology can also be classified as follows:
˜     Clinical or medicinal toxicology
˜     Forensic toxicology
˜       Environmental or ecotoxicology
1)  Clinical or medicinal toxicology:
Clinical or medicinal toxicology can also be interrelated to the field of medicines.
2)Forensic toxicology:
Forensic toxicology is mainly applied in forensic department.

3)Environmental or ecotoxicology:
Ecotoxicology is related to the study of toxic substance and their effects on an ecosystem.

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