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All You Need To Know About What Rules Should Be Follow For Making A Herbarium?

All You Need To Know About What Rules Should Be Follow For Making A Herbarium?
Fresh materials of plants should be pressed in plant press and also  in a  herbarium press. Three to four specimens of the same plant should be pressed. If the specimens is too much  large then it should be pressed in V or N manner.  The leaves and flower which  are attached  to the stem, then flowers and leaves can be detached and pressed on sheet in their natural arrangement. Underground parts of the plant must be kept dust free before preserving. Aquatic plants should be spread in water with great care and after this uplifted and pressed carefully. Spongy pads should be helpful in handling of fleshy plants.

2.   Drying  procedure  of specimens
For drying of  plant  specimens, following two methods are used:
Drying  process of specimens without artificial heat source : 
In this process we keep the plants in a herbarium press for some time about to be 24 hours..Moisture is absorbed by the help of blotting paper. Same procedure is followed after the duration of 24 or 72 hours by the use of fresh and new blotting paper. After this process specimens can be seen in dried form but still remain in danger by infection of mould and pests.
·         Drying  procedure of specimens with the help of artificial heat:
This process is different to some extent as compared to above discussed process, In this process we use already dried samples of plant which are dried without artificial heat and already processed in a herbarium sheet we keep the plants in suitable temperature range which completely removes water Maintenance of suitable range of temperature is very important because without this precaution plants can get brown color and brittle condition on them


3.Specimens mounting method on herbarium sheets:

Choose the upper stack of the plant specimen and under the MOUNT mark on the left side of the cabinet excluding you have been given a special set to work with. THE pressed specimen of a plant should be in a folded paper such as newspaper or other folded paper like herbarium sheet
4.  Labeling of  plants specimens

After attaching the plant specimens on the herbarium sheet following information is required at lower corner of the right side of the herbarium sheet
§     Serial number: -------
§     Local name : --------       
§     Botanical name : -------
§     Family : ---------
§     Genus : -------
§     Species : -------
§     Place from where plant is collected : --------
§     Habit : ---------
§     Date of collection : ----------
§     Collecter name : ---------

5.   Storage and filling of herbarium sheets
well mounted and labeled  sheets of herbarium are sealed for future records. Specimens are arranged in order of understanding the classification system of Bentham and Hooker's, Engler and Prantl's. Indexing should be made for easy process of herbarium.
6.   Defense Of Herbarium Sheets
The specimens which are mounted on sheets may be ruined by beetles, booklouse, drugstore beetles and other insects during storage. This problem can be solved and minimized in an easy water by using  following insecticides. DDT, Lauryl phenyl chlorophenate, carbon tetrachloride and other insecticides may also be sprayed on specimen. Naphthalene balls may also be used as repellent.

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