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15 Awesome Things You Can Learn From What Do You Know About The Term Chromophores In Field Of Spectroscopy?.

What do you know about the term chromophores in field of spectroscopy?

Defination of chromophores:
When an organic compound absorbs ultra violet radiation or visible radiation the two most important spectral characteristics can be seen  which are given as follows:
µ Position of the absorption band (lmax )
µ Intensity of the absorption band
The lmax  in addition to being to qualitatively useful, is also a measure of energy required for that transition. on the other hand the intensity which is useful for quantitative purpose largely dependent on the polarity of the excited state and on the probability of the transition taking place after an interaction between the electronic system and the radiant energy.
To aid the chemist in transferring the above measurements into meaning full information, those organic groups which undergo the following transitions
n®p and p®p* transitions are conventially classified as chromophores or chromophoric groups.
Properties of chromophores:
They are the color –exciting groups.
 What is Chromogen ?

A molecule which contains a chromophore is called as chromophore.
 Not all the chrompophores absorbs strongly nor do all the chromophores absorb in both the ultraviolet and visible regions. The type of solvent that is used can influence the wavelength and intensity of absorption.
What are Auxochromic groups?

Auxochromic groups include the Hydroxyl, amino and halogen groups are include in auxochromic groups.
In practice it is found that these groups which are called auxochromic groups or auxochromes will cause the shift in the absorption maxima and changes in the intensity of the chromophore.The position of the chromophore in relation to the auxochromic group is very important which can be explained below in the example:
Only if the auxochromic group contains an heteroatom processing n-electrons is directly attached to the chromophore, which results in n®p conjugation ,are the spectral changes observed.

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