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What is Chromatography?

What is Chromatography?

A method of separating and analyzing mixtures of chemicals.
The separation, notably of closely connected compounds, by allowing associateswer} or mixture to perforate associate adsorbent (such as clay, gel, or paper) so each compound becomes adsorbate into a separate, sometimes colored, laye.

A wide kind of activity techniques square measure developed to allow mixed substances to be separated. For example:

Gas activity
Gas activity square measure usually accustomed separate mixtures of volatile organic compounds. A gas chromatograph consists of a flowing mobile section, associate injection port, a separation column containing the stationary section, a detector, and a information audio system.



Liquid activity
Liquid activity (LC) is useful for separating mixtures of ions or molecules that unit of measurement dissolved in associate passing solvent.


Read a great deal of relating to liquid activity.

Thin Layer activity
Thin-layer activity (TLC) is useful for separating mixtures of organic compounds. thanks to the simplicity and pace of aidit's always accustomed monitor the progress of organic reactions and to look at the purity of merchandise.

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