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Correlation of agriculture and pest along their management

Correlation of agriculture and pest along their management:


One of the major sector in the economy of the Pakistan is the field of agriculture  having 21% contribution to gross domestic product  (GDP) and usage of about forty four percentage of the frame of workers. Pests along their diseases are seen as a major threat in the yield of vegetable crop which need a great care by the management of pests within the means of pesticides.In every year we have to face a great loss of in the yield of crops due to the pests and related troubles.
Use of pesticides in agriculture:
On the other hand usage of pesticides  in the field of agriculture creates serious problems associated to our environment which includes both public and health problems. The usage of pesticides has been increased many times as compared to the use of pesticides in the era of 1960s. Many researches have been reported that utilization of pesticides has been increased in the amount about to more than 9% in many developing countries.
Benefits of pesticides:

Consumption of pesticides in the field of agriculture has provided us two benefits
one is that we get better and improved varieties of crops.
Second is we get greater yield of crop without any loss.

Harm full effects of pesticides:

On the other hand,their side effects in th are also seen which are :
Deprivation of environment and also the human health as a special point .
Problems of Pesticide in local area:

The main problem of  misuse of pesticides take a start from the local area network by harming following things: Earth soil and  water also the health of farmer or a worker and  on the other hand  also the environment as a  whole which takes into account the atmosphere. This can also be reflected globally from region to region and continent to continent.
Pollution of vegetables along human body system:
Only soils and water are not also polluted it also stick with in the vegetables and then enter the food chain, and enter the body system, blood and organs.
Contribution to environmental pollution:
On the other side,pesticides also take part into pollution of the  environment   loss of biodiversity and destruction of naturally occuring habitats There have moreover been said instances of pest resurgence, development of resistance to insecticides, secondary pest outbreaks and destruction of non goal species. Beyond all of these facts of pesticides they can also be seen in other fields as compared to the field of the field of agriculture.

Insects attacked species:
The vegetables which are greatly affected by insected pests are okra (lady finger), chilies, tomato, cauliflower, brinjal, bitter gourd and onions.
Generally used   pesticides:

Farmers mostly use pesticides belonging to organochlorine, carbamate, pyrethroid and neo-nicotinoid groups for the control of these pests.

Use of pesticides in different countries:
The use of pesticides in Asia, Africa, Center and South America is ever-increasing due to increasing the demands of food and urgent need for self support in production of food indifferent reigons .On the other hand suitable costs and those chemicals which are easily available are used to attract the farmers.
 Use of pesticides in crop yield:
The main use of pesticides helps us to control many  diseases  which minimize the crop loss and we get result in the form of  better yield of the crops. Pesticides are in particular underneath use to enhance production of plant life like corn, vegetables, potatoes and cotton, no matter the reality that their damaging effects on environmental best and human fitness have regularly been referred to and well documented. Pesticides mismanagement starts off evolved on the close by region but continuously famous nearby and worldwide affects.
Contribution of agriculture to GDP:

With a great emphasis on agriculture takes part according to rough estimate of value 19.8% towards gross domestic product (GDP) to the economy of Pakistan and provides livelihood to about 42.5% of the rural people.
People associated with agriculture:
On the universal level near about 1.8 billion people are in touch with  field of agriculture and utilize chemicals for the purpose of protection from pests and also to guaranteed security of food by giving a notice the consumption of healthy crops.
Chemicals as pesticides:
A variety of chemical compounds such as fungicides, nematicides, insecticides, molluscicides, rodenticides, herbicides, and plant growth hormones are well thought-out as the pesticides.
Point to be noted:
Today this point is causing anxiety that use of pesticides will harm the environment greatly targets the human health.

Wastes of Pesticides:
Waste material of pesticides which is not in our utilization or not under our consideration and essentially disposed.
In this material empty bottles, surplus solution, water which is used for the purpose of cleaning equipment and older products of pesticide .Empty containers can be categorized in larger rough use if they are not rinse well and create serious problems in many critical situations.
Limited use of Pesticides:

It is in our control that pesticides should be used within a limit by careful management from available techniques for pest control which deject population of pests and their  development.
Control of pest population:
The population of pests can be covered up by implement of  natural enemies which are friend of environment and help in minimization of loss in yields.. Elements like removal of key pests, invasive species, rapid adoption and big planting of transgenic flora and the massive use of insecticides have altered many agro-ecosystems.

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